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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Encaustic Art Encaustic Hot Wax Art Sealer or Acrylic Paint Base 150ml Plastic Bottle

GST included
SKU 99536001

Use to protect Encaustic Wax Art other Mixed Media or create your own acrylic paint.

Art Sealer will keep wax and paint colours looking fresh and bright giving a tough protection to the delicate art surface.

As well as use as a sealer you can mix the sealer with acrylic colours or dry pigment and then use as a normal acrylic paint or for glazing effects.

Directions: Carefully apply the sealer to the polished art using a soft flat water colour brush. Coat the surface with neat sealer then make the final brush strokes in one direction. When using on wax art the wax must be polished to enable an even spread and optimal adhesion. Dries to a satin wax-like finish in 2 hours or less. Clean brushes thorouthly in warm water after use.