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Secure your Graupner Wholesale Display for Christmas
Secure your Graupner Wholesale Display for Christmas

Encaustic Art Encaustic Hot Wax Art Blocks Assortment of 16 Blocks - Landscape Selection

GST included
SKU 99535140

The Landscape selection is escpecially good for - you guessed it - landscapes. Plenty of white for the base sky colour with blues greens browns along with a collection of brighter colours to add interest and enhance your landscape work. If landscapes are what you want to create then this is the perfect starting palette. 16 colours as shown on product picture.

High quality encaustic hot wax art blocks specially formulated for Encaustic Hot Wax Painting. Easy application at low heats high colour brilliance and equally suited for the artist or hobbyist. Block size allows for ease of application.

Wax blocks are availble in packs of 10 individually boxed wax blocks boxes of 16 or bulk 240 blocks or assorted packs of 16 blocks.

A total of 48 different colours available.

Each block is 4x2x1cm 9g 9.8ml melted equivalent.

Blend of waxes includes beeswax and carnauba wax with a 65C melting point

Packaging uses eco-friendly cardboard.