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Little Lights wooden children's lamps distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom
Little Lights Children's Wooden Lamps - Wooden Playroom Wholesale Australia

Little Lights

Little Lights is a small family manufacturer from Krakow, Poland that makes unique wooden lamps and night lights for children and families all over the world. Their primary goal is to help create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere that becomes a part of the beautiful memories made every day in your family home.

The playful designs are inspired by children's own imaginations, and with a wonderfully diverse range to choose from, there's a Little Light for everyone.

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Handmade with Love

Each one-of-a-kind lamp is individually and carefully manufactured from 100 percent natural pine wood and then polished and painted in a range of joyful colours. The majority of the work is done by hand, with extreme precision and attention to detail. 

Little Lights have been awarded FSC® certification, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining the highest social and ecological standards on the market. 

How Little Lights Children's Lamps are Made
Features of Little Lights children's lamps, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Read. Play. Sleep

Little Lights children's lamps are fitted with energy-efficient LED lights. Each lamp comes with a remote control which features a dimmer and timer so that the lighting can be easily adjusted to suit the activity.

Increase the brightness for bedtime reading and then dim it down to create a soft, comforting light that can stay on while your little one sleeps. With one click, the timer can be set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and the lamp will automatically turn off after this time. 

Little Lights wooden lamps are a dreamy addition to any space, whether sat on a table or hung on the wall.

Let your Little Light SHINE
Features of Little Lights Children's Lamps