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Kitpas art crayons and chalk distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom
Window drawing with Kitpas art crayons, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Kitpas Art

Welcome to the world of Kitpas - a new dimension in art materials! Kitpas Art Crayons and Chalk are non-toxic and allergen-free. Their vibrant colours and buttery smoothness bring out the artist in everyone!

Instantly unleash your imagination and create bright, bold drawings on multiple surfaces including paper, cardboard, glass, mirrors and windows. Kitpas Art Crayons are artist-grade, water soluble, and easy to blend with just your fingers. Or, with a few strokes of a wet brush, turn your drawings into beautiful watercolour paintings!


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The Kitpas Story

Kitpas Dustless Chalk in bright, bold colours, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Kitpas was founded in Japan in 1937 as a manufacturer of regular chalks, and has been making quality art materials for over 80 years. Kitpas chalk products began as regular hard white chalks made from calcium carbonate, which soon became the preferred brand for many schools and businesses.

In 1967 Kitpas expanded their production and added a factory in Bibai-shi, Hokkaido. Bibai-shi, which translates to, “beautiful shell city,” actually had massive waste piles of scallop shells that were causing serious environmental issues. Shells contain calcium carbonate, and Kitpas wanted to help find ways to reuse and recycle scallop shells in their chalk production. With the help of the local government, they developed a patented process to recycle seashell byproducts.

Aside from the positive environmental impact, the use of recycled powdered shells have the additional benefit of making Kitpas Chalks stronger, smoother, and longer lasting!

Image: Kitpas

Kitpas Art Crayons made using sustainably sourced rice bran wax

As Kitpas continued their product development, they explored ideas for an innovative material that works on surfaces like paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboards. In 2005 they introduced buttery smooth, truly multi-surface, vividly coloured and water soluble Kitpas Art Crayons which are also completely non-toxic and easy to clean up. They soon became both kids' and parents' favourite choice of crayons, winning Japan’s prestigious “Stationary of the Year Award” in 2009.

In 2021, Kitpas introduced rice bran wax as the primary ingredient of all of their art crayons to enhance their sustainability, safety and quality. 

Image: Kitpas

Window murals using Kitpas art crayons, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Today, Kitpas has evolved into Japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly art materials. In addition to their mission to enhance their customers’ creative experience with quality art products and engage in earth-friendly manufacturing, Kitpas is committed to empowering people with disabilities.

In 1960 Kitpas started their “Intellectual Disability Employment Program”, employing two young adults with intellectual disabilities. This program has been growing over the years and today the business is proud to have established a safe workplace for over 50 employees with intellectual disabilities, having adapted their manufacturing methods and work environment to suit the needs and abilities of all employees.

Image: @learnandbloom

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