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Wilded Family Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year

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Our beautiful wooden Wheel of the Year displays all the months and the beauty of the seasons as the year passes. The illustration includes many traditional festivals, animals, wild plants and flowers.

Why do we, across all religions – from ancient to modern – celebrate the turning of the wheel, the changing of the seasons? Apart from being traditions, they are a wonderful way to renew and refresh ourselves. It’s a great way to touch base with Mother Earth. I consider the Earth, our home, as more than just a lump of rock and all her peoples can be united by the same truths. Divided languages, culture, and religion but united and bound together by our common birthplace. We are all human. We can all see harsh winters and glorious springs, play-filled summers and reflective autumns. The Wheel of the Year is a visual journey through the seasons.

In today’s world, we can choose to ignore these basic human truths: living outside of nature, inside technology. However, our lives are richer and our children’s lives filled more deeply when we connect to these intuitive cycles:

“We need to find festivals at once religious and united with the life of nature which can also unite us simply as human beings” (John Davy – Lifeways).

When we begin to connect with our celebrations as more than mere traditions we naturally turn to festivals that came before and feel that connection to the past. It is then we can see how religious festivals were woven into the rhythms of the year, and how the rhythm of the planets and cosmos still beat now guiding us like a heartbeat and leading us through each year. We hope that this wheel of the year will help you to connect whilst also being a beautiful addition to your home.

The Southern Hemisphere wheel of the year now comes with a hole in the centre, and an oak cap to cover.

  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • Wilded Family
  • Size: D 26.2cm H 0.4cm
    Weight: 487g
    Material: Sustainably harvested wood

  • Recommended Age: 3+
    Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts.
    Usage: A great way to touch base with Mother Earth. Place on the table on the table or hang on the wall. 

  • Wilded Family are a magical range of educational and learning products inspired by nature and seasonal living, encouraging children and grown-ups alike, to slow down and experience beauty and wonder in daily life. Learn more about Wilded Family...