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Wilded Family Alphabet Poster

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Bring colour and imagination into your nursery, school or homeschool with this stunning Wilded Family Alphabet Poster.

Hand-drawn illustration by Stephanie Green this poster brings the idea of the letters to children in an accessible way. The consonant letters are focused on a physical thing, C for Cats and F for Fish + V is for Valley. The singing letters, the vowels, can be introduced to children differently to the consonants and we have made the cards different for this very reason. Each Angel letter is a different colour and they are referred to as Angel letter or Singing letter because the vowels are the letters that carry the sounds of the consonants out into the world: they give our language feeling.

You can add this poster to you home to support a child’s learning in school, home schooling, unschooling or simply as a beautiful alphabet poster on the nursery walls I hope you use this poster to show the shapes of letters as children explore straight lines and curves. Play games sounding out the long and short sounds of each letter. The possibilities are endless.

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  • Wilded Family
  • Size: L 29.7cm W 42cm
    Large size Alphabet Poster, eco-friendly recycled poster. Teaching your children the Alphabet just got easier. Expose your kids at their young age to nature, colour and original art. Through this learning alphabet poster, they get to know not just the letters, but the special character of vowels and flora and fauna.
    • A poster for the children’s room with illustrations of Stephanie Green. Playfully learn the ABCs, find or think up words, guess pictures or simply enjoy the colours and whimsical nature of this stunning art print.
    • Perfect Gift: Educational Preschool Posters are designed for children to learn and enrich knowledge, educational toy.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
    Usage: Supports a child’s learning in school, homeschooling, unschooling or simply as a beautiful decoration on the nature table.

  • Wilded Family are a magical range of educational and learning products inspired by nature and seasonal living, encouraging children and grown-ups alike, to slow down and experience beauty and wonder in daily life. Learn more about Wilded Family...