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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Stockmar Pencils Hexagonal 4-Colour Rainbow

GST included
SKU 85096492

A counter top retail box containing either 19 or 37 hexagonal Stockmar Four-Colour Pencils. The lead of each pencil is evenly distributed with red yellow blue and green. When you write or draw you get a beautiful multi-coloured line on the paper.

The pencils are water resistant and have an extra thick lead (6.25mm diameter) in an easy-to-hold pencil (10mm diameter)

The pencil is made using untreated lime tree wood from sustainable forestry and FSC-certified timber

In Steiner education the exploration and introduction of writing and drawing to the child follows the developmental readiness of the child:

First the Stockmar Block Crayons are used to explore colour and form on paper

Next the Stockmar Stick Crayons are introduced to add more direction to the form

Followed by the Triangular Pencil when the child begins to learn to write with its thick rounded triangular shaft designed to develop the perfect pencil grip

Then the Hexagonal Pencil which is an artist quality pencil suitable for children and adults

And finally the Fountain Pen for the speed and pure flow of clear precise writing skills.