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STOCKMAR Paint Circle Colours 250ml bottle

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With these three colour-circle colours, the complete Goethean Colour-Circle can be created. As with all the STOCKMAR Aquarelle Watercolour paints, the circle colours have a high colour purity and transparency.

On their own, they are neither warm nor cool and considered by many to be the ideal introductory colours in early childhood. They allow the young child to experience the pure colour in blending and mood before expanding the range of emotions into the warm and cool colours in the primary years.

STOCKMAR Watercolour Paints are known for their excellent clarity, natural transparency, light-resistance and scumbling properties.

STOCKMAR Aquarelle Watercolours are produced from gum arabic and high quality light-resistant colour pigments. The pigments have a strong yield-value, which means a little goes a long way. Remaining water-soluble, even when dry, is an added bonus.

All the colours in the STOCKMAR Aquarelle range have been chosen so that when mixed, they will maintain their brilliance and intensity. Harmonious intermediate gradations and boundary-less colour blending can be experienced with the wet-on-wet technique.

The colour range follows the extended version of Goethe's "Theory of Colours", and with just three circle colours, you can create every colour on the colour wheel. In the full range, STOCKMAR has done the blending for you, producing warm and cool colour ranges, and the intermediary graduations.

Tried and tested in art education at school and kindergarten these non-toxic paints are long-lasting and colour remains vibrant when dry.

  • Specifications 
  • Safety & Usage
  • Made in: Germany
    Sold as: A single 20ml bottle, each colour is sold separately
    Colours: 3 pure primary colours (red, blue and yellow)
    Material: Produced from gum arabic and the finest light-resistant colour pigments.

  • Safety: Conforms to EN71 Toy Safety Standards 
    Non-toxic: Regularly inspected by independent laboratories for residual analysis
    Quality: Subject to the continuous review and refinement of subjective qualities and artistic properties
     Contain no animal products
    Usage: Can be used with all usual watercolouring techniques. Ideal for transparent painting, and when mixed with white, can be used for non-transparent painting.

  • STOCKMAR products are known around the world for their high artistic qualities, harmonious interplay of colour and the company's social and environmental standards. A focus, and beyond all else, the healthy development of the child is central in the development of all STOCKMAR's products. Learn more about STOCKMAR...