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STOCKMAR Opaque Colours - 7.5ml White Tube

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White Opaque Watercolour Paint, for use with the STOCKMAR Opaque Watercolours.

STOCKMAR opaque watercolour paint is highly versatile: from opaque painting with rich colour planes to precise work with a fine paintbrush, from glazing with several layers of colour through to delicate watercolour painting.

STOCKMAR opaque paints are available as an assortment of 12 opaque colours, opaque white, a paintbrush and a mixing palette, or as ten individual colours in colour wells. These individual wells can be used to replenish your set of 12 colours - good for the environment, and good for you.

The accessories are available separately, as well as being included in our “painting and drawing” gift sets, which consist of coloured pencils sets, an opaque colour box and a drawing pad.

Opaque paints differ from non-opaque watercolours. Opaque, meaning 'dark' and 'not transparent', by its nature, does not let any light pass through. A paint that is opaque gives a solid colour. Generally black and white paint are always opaque and any colour mixed with them will become more opaque. Adding the STOCKMAR Opaque White to the opaque colours will increase the opaqueness of the colours.

For a transparent painting experience, where layers of different colours can be built on top of each, letting the light through each layer, we recommend the STOCKMAR Aquarelle Watercolour Paints. The STOCKMAR Aquarelle Watercolours are the paints used for wet-on-wet painting and veil painting.

  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • Made in: China
    Colour: Opaque White
    Size: 7.5ml

  • Recommended Age: 3+
    Safety: Conforms to EN71 Toy Safety Standards
    Non-toxic: Regularly inspected by independent laboratories for residual analysis
    Quality: Subject to the continuous review and refinement of subjective qualities and artistic properties
    Experiment: Create accents by combining the STOCKMAR opaque watercolours with water-repellent STOCKMAR wax crayons.

  • STOCKMAR products are known around the world for their high artistic qualities, harmonious interplay of colour and social and environmental standards. Beyond all else, the healthy development of the child is central in the development of all STOCKMAR's products. Learn more about STOCKMAR...