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STOCKMAR Empty Wooden Boxes For 16 Sticks/Blocks

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STOCKMAR - Design box - fit for STOCKMAR - crayons and blocks.

  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • Made in: Germany
    Contains: Display Stand Only for STOCKMAR Crayons 
    To fit: 16x STOCKMAR Block or Stick Crayons
    Material: Wood from sustainable forestry. FSC-Certified.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
    Usage: Designed to hold STOCKMAR Crayons.

  • STOCKMAR products are known around the world for their high artistic qualities, harmonious interplay of colour and social and environmental standards. Beyond all else, the healthy development of the child is central in the development of all STOCKMAR's products. Learn more about STOCKMAR...
Stockmar for lots of creative fun

STOCKMAR Tips and Tricks, and More Info ...

Why STOCKMAR Crayons? Because Children are Artists ...

STOCKMAR wax crayons can awaken the artist in every young child. Developed in collaboration with Waldorf teachers and art teachers more than 50 years ago, they journey and guide our children from the very first drawing pleasure at home, kindergarten and school.

STOCKMAR are unique and unmatched in their harmonious, strong, and at the same time, transparent colours - meaning layering allows the light and pigment of lower colours to shine through, with no colour smearing.

STOCKMAR Crayons are manufactured with no added fillers and have a particularly large amount of colour pigment; their full luminosity is achieved through the mix of pigments and waxes, and made transparent with just the right amount of beeswax.

The scent of beeswax and the excellent drawing properties add to their appeal. Opaque or translucent through layers, scraped or melted, the creative imagination is inspired, and knows no limits. Read more ...

STOCKMAR Block Crayons and Stick Crayons - the Difference ...

STOCKMAR Block Crayons, ideal for big movements in little hands. In bigger hands, the Block Crayons can be used in many drawing and colouring techniques, including landscapes and to fill large areas. Full of possibility to create different interesting effects. Recommended from 3 years old, right through adult-hood!

STOCKMAR Stick Crayons allow for more control over smaller areas. This makes the ideal age to introduce them, is when the child begins to form letters and words. Not as harsh as a pencil, the STOCKMAR Stick Crayon is still warm to the touch, and has a softness as it is applied to the paper. Perfect as a transition from big movements with the Block Crayon, and before the pencil is introduced. Recommended from the introduction of letters, and for finer crayon work. Read more ...

Sensory experience with STOCKMAR Crayons ...

STOCKMAR crayons are recommended for all ages from 3 years.

During the early years of childhood, and into the primary years, children are developing their physical bodies, and at the same time, fine-tuning their senses as the border through which they meet the world around them.

One of the keystones of STOCKMAR is to support and promote healthy sensory perception. This is a consideration in every STOCKMAR decision, surrounding design, choice of ingredients and the resulting quality of every STOCKMAR product.

STOCKMAR Crayons, promote the sense of sight through the harmonious coordinated colour range (based on Goethe’s colour wheel) - each colour seamlessly and harmoniously flows to the next.

The sense of smell is nurtured through the pleasant scent of beeswax, unmasked by fillers nor overpowered by other strong waxes.

The transparency of the colours appeals to the breathing in and out of emotions, each gently mixing and giving way to the other, without strong statements.

The sense of touch is gently stimulated by the pleasant texture and the ergonomic shape - first the block crayon with its definite form and sharp edges, and then the more subtle roundness of the stick crayon. Each stick crayong is covered in their own paper covering, giving sensitive children a familiar and comfortable experience, with no transference of waxey properties to the fingers.

And we must remember the creative act of drawing itself, supporting the development of fine-motor skills, balance and movement, and helping to train the subtle sense of differentiation through shading and colour gradients.

All these senses go on to be the foundation through which the child meets the world. It makes sense to nurture them from the beginning, and for over 100 years, STOCKMAR has thought so too! Read more ...

Beeswax - the not so Secret Ingredient ...

It is no secret that the special ingredient in STOCKMAR crayons is Beeswax - just smell it and you will understand!

What may not be known is why STOCKMAR use just 10% beeswax and no more? As well as the aroma of beeswax, and the warmth to the touch, beeswax is what gives the STOCKMAR crayons their special luminosity and transparency, and ability for creative and individual expression.

Using too much beeswax and the crayon becomes too soft and will 'strick off softly'. This simply means too much beeswax and the crayon is too easy to draw with, making individual expression difficult. A crayon that is too hard has the opposite effect and any expression is difficult. STOCKMAR have found the exact mix of beeswax, other waxes and pigment, with no additional fillers, gives just the right balance, allowing for light feathery to strong colourful shading, as an expression of individuality and natural creativity.

And never forgetting the bees, the beeswax in STOCKMAR Crayons are made from beeswax supplied by beekeepers in the north of Germany, who practice ethical, sustainable bee-keeping. Beeswax is valued as a gift from the bees, and as with all STOCKMAR products just enough is used, and never too much! Read more ...

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