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Steinbach Drawing + Wet on Dry Painting Paper 250sgm

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Steinbach paper is a high-quality Wet on Dry watercolour painting paper.

Note: If you are considering Steinbach paper for Wet on Wet watercolour painting, we suggest you test it in your situation with your water quality. Due to the way it is manufactured as a Wet on Dry Watercolour Paper, occasionally some batches may produce inconsistent results when used as Wet on Wet watercolour paper. Our recommended Wet on Wet paper is the Watercolour Painting Paper Aquarelle in 150gsm 200gsm or 250gsm.

  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Mercurius Australia
  • Sizes Available: 550x730mm, 550x365mm, or 275x365mm 250 (choose from the dropdown)
    Includes: 100 or 250 Sheets (choose from the dropdown)
    Paper: 250sgm painting paper

  • Usage: For wet-on-dry watercolour painting. See note in main description if you are considering this paper for wet-on-wet painting.

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