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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Middle School Lesson Book 21x25cm 2pgs 8mm lined 1pg blank 1pg Onion Skin 60pg blue pk of 10

Available soon GST included
SKU 15110202

Created for classes where a lot of text is written and a few detailed pictures are created. 2 Lined pages (8mm lines) followed by 1 blank page followed by 1 Onion Skin page.

The Onion Skin separates a lined page from a blank page to keep artistic work from rubbing on the opposite page.

Cover is 280gsm heavy card stock cover. Pack of 10 books. 60 pages 21x25 cm 1x2(=2 lined sheets 1 drawing sheet 1 onion skin) blue.