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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Kitpas Dustless Chalk

by Kitpas
GST included

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
Please note that this item comes with a minimum order quantity of 5 items.

The Kitpas Dustless Chalk 6 Colours are known for being smoother, more vibrant in colour and lasting twice as long as conventional chalk. Made from completely safe and non toxic materials such as calcium carbonate (found in toothpaste) and scallop seashells, the homogeneously mixed particles prevents the powder from becoming loose and smearing against small hands and the drawing medium. All Kitpas chalk is also coated with the same quality material to further prevent those bothersome powdery hands.

Each set comes with 6 Dustless Chalks. Available sets are:

  • Vitamin - Green, yellow, orange, 3 x white
  • Cocktail - Pink, violet, blue, 3 x white
  • Basic - Yellow, pink, green, blue, violet, white
  • Neon - Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, white

Packaging is made from recycled materials.

Dimensions: 63 x 11 mm

Recommended Age: 3+ Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts.