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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Golden Fleece 8 ply 200g Balls - 100% Australian Eco-Wool assorted colours

GST included
SKU 3532202

200g balls of 8 ply Wool - 100% Australian pure new eco-wool balls in a selection of vibrant colours or undyed and natural for hand dying.

Equally suited to weaving knitting and crocheting projects our eco-wool also felts well and can be used for any felted or craft item.

For the young the thick yarn is easy to handle and makes finger knitting needle knitting weaving and crocheting easier. A purposeful and fun activity is to wind balls from the large colourful hanks in preparation for craft projects.

Soft durable and colour-fast. Hand washable in cool water. Weight may fluctuate with humidity.

Also available in 16 ply and 12 ply and as natural ready-to-spin fleece.

Golden Fleece Australian Eco-Wool is a Mercurius Australia brand grown spun and dyed in Australia. We are committed to sustainability the health of humanity animal welfare and the care of the environment. Our wool comes from non-mulsed sheep grown and raised on Australian farms we support local business and traditional skills in the spinning and dying or our wool and we have gone to lengths to ensure our wool is scoured and washed using eco-friendly detergents.