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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Filia 18 Assorted Oil Crayons SPECIAL ORDER

Available soon GST included
SKU 20725318

These oil crayons made by the established Danish company Filia have been a classic in Danish schools for decades. The lightfast colours are transparent mix and blend well and allow for many interesting drawing techniques. Using a sponge and turpentine it is possible to work the oil crayon like a watercolour. The classic Filia Oil Crayons have a square profile and are pointed for drawing defined contours. The edges or the flat surfaces are suitable for two-dimensional drawing and shading.

These crayons come in assortments of 6 9 12 18 24 and 36 colours.
Crayons in 6 and 9 packs are 5cm long. Crayons in 12 18 24 and 36 packs are 6 cm long.

Colours included are 51 black 52 dark brown 53 dark blue 54 pale green 55 red 56 vermilion 57 orange 58 yellow 59 white 60 blue violet 61 pale blue 62 dark green 63 red violet 64 ultramarine 65 pale brown 66 pale orange 67 pale yellow 68 grey