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Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed
Mercurius + Stockmar shipment just landed

Filges Organic Plant Dyed Wool Felt 20x30cm 15 Sheets Assorted Colour Pack SPECIAL ORDER

Available soon GST included
SKU 35346100

Bioland Organic Plant-dyed Wool Felt is made from 100% pure new organic wool and dyed with natural plant dyes. The wool fabric comes from sheep that are raised entirely organically. Each pack has 15 soft durable sheets 20 x 30cm 1mm thick suitable for school or home felt craft projects.

Colours included: 01 red brown 02 rust brown 03 salmon 04 sunshine yellow 05 light yellow 06 light green 07 grass green 08 forest green 09 dark blue 10 mid-blue 11 pale blue 12 lilac 13 purple 14 red 16 pink

Made in Germany