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Dipam Beeswax Dipping Candle Making Kit

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Everything you need to have fun making dipped taper candles. The kit contains: 600g of golden 100% natural beeswax granules Wick Lengths of 3 different thicknesses and dipping tin.

Remove the packaging from the tin and open the lid. Place the tin in a second larger pot filled with water halfway up the dipping tin. Place the larger pot on an element and heat occasionally stirring the wax.

Once all the wax is melted, remove from the heat cut a length of wick and start dipping. The wick thicknesses are suitable to make 1.3cm 2.2cm or 4cm wide candles. There is enough wax to make a number of different candles depending on the width of the candles you choose to make.

500g Wax Granule refills are available and there is plenty of wicks to keep giving you and your kids hours of fun.

Burn time for Dipam 100% Pure Beeswax candles can be up to 15% longer than other candles.

  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • Dipam Beeswax Candles
  • Made in: Netherlands
    Kit contains: 1x Beeswax Granules, 3x Wick Lengths, 1x Dipping Tin
    To make: 1.3cm, 2.2cm, and 4cm wide candles
    Beeswax Granules Weight: 600g
     Sustainably sourced 100% pure beeswax, borax-free eco-cotton wicks

  • WARNING: Decoration only. Not a toy. NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.

  • Dipam partners with institutes for disabled people and provides work experience for people who have been out of work for various reasons. Every effort is made to use materials in their packaging and products that are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. Learn more about Dipam...

Getting the most from your Candles

To get the most out of your candle, prolong burn time and ensure safety, we have put together this short list of tips and hints:

  • Place your candle on a plate. This will catch any spilled wax and protect surfaces from melted wax and heat damage.
  • Always use a flame-proof insert when using candles with a wooden candle holder, including birthday rings.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep within sight.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children.
  • Trim your candle wick between burns.
  • Keep your candle out of draughts when burning.
  • Ensure you burn your candle so the entire width of the candle melts before blowing it out. This will help keep your candle burning evenly and prolong your candles burn time.
  • And above all, enjoy the light and the ambience your candle brings to your world!