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Filges Wool and Silk - Distributed by Wooden Playroom in Australia
Filges Wool and Silk, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Filges Wool & Silk

Filges is a family enterprise that began in 1985 with a small manual spinning mill. They then added their dying mill, using only plant colors, and then in 1995 became a Bioland, organic certified manufacturer of sheep wool. All wool using in Filges products comes exclusively from non-mulsed sheep raised in Germany, on certified organic farms. All the dyes are plant-based, and alum and tartar are used as mordents.

Being a family enterprise, mean the values and principles that rule the families personal life, also apply in the manufacturing and distribution of their products. These values include using and producing sustainable, ecological and emission-free products.

Filges Wool & Silk, distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Filges is an active part of a community shaped by the mutual respect of its members. Their intent is to act in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to preserve natural resources, avoid harmful effects upon nature and mankind and promote biodiversity. In order to make these goals traceable and transparent for consumers, the company is Bioland-certified.

Products that are natural and safe to one's health, the planet and valuable in a social sense. 

Enjoy the naturalness of Filges products!


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